Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 Iphone SE Accesories

These are the best budget accessories for the best budget phone period so it’s time to accessorize no it’s doesn’t work so let’s check it, we build a perfect list of Best Budget iPhone SE Accessories for you please read it and give us a Comment about our selection.

Spigen thin fit

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 Spigen thin fit
Spigen Tough Armor 

I just feature this in the best cases but the Spigen thin fit has this magical matte touch finish, which feels soft like a baby sheep it’s simply thin and just an easy case to hold and for a lot of you, that’s all you really need codes for all buttons.

So it feels like you’re still using an actual iPhone with lips that grip around the camera lens keeping it safe from this a full cut out along the bottom for complete access but ever since getting the product red colorway it’s actually a nice way to still show it off like  I said it’s a simple case that just feels really good to hold in daily usage giving you that extra confidence without adding any bulk,

However, the obvious downside to that is although offering a slight lip around the front screen it’s not meant to be a tough case whatsoever offering scratch resistance at best so not for those with butterfingers for days and although it is super thin hence its name there’s still enough space around back to store a metal plate for your magnetic car mounts but if you do skip the metal mounting plates they’ll work just fine for slow charging too.

Spigen Universal kickstand

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 spigen Universal kickstand
Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand

Now if you want a little more out of your case while still keeping it slim you can throw on this spigen Universal kickstand this tiny phallic-shaped piece of metal has a sticky end that will essentially give any Hardcase a fairly sturdy stand now like it open set it down and go to town but I know you’re wondering how well does this cling on and trust me it ain’t going anywhere spring-loaded so it just pops out when you need it but also stay shut thanks to the relatively large magnet inside so now you can enjoy your late-night content and free.

Spigen tough armor 2

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 spigen tough armor 2
Spigen Tough Armor

That’s my favorite combo I know you all aren’t as careful as I am with electronics so here’s a quick rundown for a tougher alternative these big and tough armor. because like the name implies it can handle your abuse physically and emotionally which is all thanks to the neon party on the inside it’s a foam like material that when combined with that thick clip around the screen can handle your everyday usage the flat edges do feel great to grasp onto with your dinky fingers and it’s got its own similar soft matte finish that just seems wrong to want to feel up this hard Plus this has its own built-in stand that tucks away flat when not in use there’s two great case options for any type of Apple fanboy.

Spigen Steadboost Flex Charger

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 spigen Steadboost Flex Charger
Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charge Stand

Next, I hear you some of you actually enjoy charging your iPhone and slowly at least with speaking sucks wireless charger you’ll be able to slow charge at its fastest rate possible if that makes any sense it’s got this full software finish it takes USBC input which outputs up to 15 watts more than enough for iPhones 7.5-watt limit so just plug it in to give her I’ve when I see a smackdown and let it do its thing obviously it’s also compatible with any other device that supports wireless charging yes even Android devices

Now there are plenty of wireless chargers that can do that what makes this special well it’s this Ice Cream Sandwich design that lets you flip it up and well BAM it can also be a vertical charging stand as well this essentially gives you a full view of your phone to use while charging plus it also supports landscape charging to watch something at the same time you can easily switch between modes by lifting and just laying it flat which is perfect for charging other gear like saying ear pods for how easy it is to swap between modes it holds its ground really well through my scientific poke test add to that the rubber feet to keep it from sliding around this wireless charger.

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it can handle a serious shake out as well plus you can even twist it into a portrait mode for an easy tabletop angle too of course the mounting possibilities are endless you can attach it onto your armrest to have your phone always by your side or on to some shelves to Netflix and chill while doing the dishes no judgment here better yet it makes a  perfect top-down shot for some super boring dishwashing vlog footage that no one wants to watch then when you’re done everything folds into a compact little chocolate bar fits in the palm of your hands that’s actually durable enough you can trust it just throw in your bag now it isn’t over yet I did say it was a two-in-one and if you invert the whole thing it also doubles as a phone stand on top of a table and not just any regular stand either this one can pretty much adjust to any angle as well it’s essentially a full mount.

Cable Kit Lightening Cable

iphone se accessories Best BUDGET iPhone SE Accessories – 2020 Cable Kit Lightening Cable
Cable Kit Lightening Cable

For well anywhere this is the cable kit from lever lever lever gear and like the phone mount it could also be the only lightning cable you ever need that retails for only $15 what and in that you get an actual lightning cable Albia about 2 inches long only that’s what she said it’s a surprisingly well-built and durable cable thanks to the wide design, unlike other wimpy thin cables that always seem to tear an apple and the benefit of such a short cable though portable batteries if you’re like me and hate dealing with long wires dangling from your pockets while charging from a battery this keeps the battery basically mounted onto the back of your phone.

You’d be surprised how liberating it is to not have a wire get caught on every doorknob you walk by of course it’s also just a standard lightning cable that you can use to sync with the computer to transfer files and also charge and while chunky it can still accommodate most case cutouts too now the party isn’t over yet given its a cable kit they also include a few other goodies like the lightning to USB C adapters so you can use the same cable on any of your USB C devices and there’s also a micro USB option for your old-school devices too then beside that is this tiny tray that precisely fits a SIM card or a micro SD card amazing for when you’re traveling and need to swap cards around now you have a secure place to keep.

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it all organized and finally on the note of traveling you’ll always need to have one of these a SIM card remover and there’s one included into the backside this is like the perfect travel companion for your iPhone you can charge sync back up swap Sims you can do all this eliminating the need to remember to pack four separate things as everything stays tucked inside this and to make it even easier yes a keyring that makes complete sense given its tiny size it actually fits in quite nicely and you always have your keys on you so now you’ll always have a backup cable to look.

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