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Best Gaming Console 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

So you are going to hunt the best gaming console for you? you are landed on the right spot, things are too different than the early stage of gaming consoles, where there were only 2 or 3 gaming consols to choose from, but now things are very different, and choosing the best gaming console without doing any research which is better and why it’s very different,  it’s actually pretty difficult to make a choice.

There are some exclusive gaming consoles that immediately can seal the deal and you will save some time deciding the best gaming console for you, but most of the new gaming consoles are multiplatform and you will take some time deciding what will suit you according to your taste. So now only question What’s the difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X? And what about the PS4 and the Xbox One in general? these are some of the questions you will be asked by your friends when you will buy a console so Bluefountain brings the deep study of the gaming console and hope you will decide what do you need.

Are there certain games that only work on certain consoles and not on others? If you wanted to buy the perfect gaming console, which would it be?

I can’t tell you that you need to pick this gaming consol, beacause there is no such a perfect things in gaming world they keep chaning an improving them by time being, I can tell you difference between the gaming console and then you can pick one for your gaming that suits you and meets your requirments.

So here is the list of the best gaming consoles we brought for you and ranked them by the specification.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – Best Overall

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the best from all the series, and its derivatives from the standard PS4 that preceded it, though we wouldn’t say that it’s an exact copy. Actually, a common running joke about the PlayStation 4 Pro is that it looks like 2 PS4s stacked one on top of each other. As a result, the PS4 Pro takes up way more space than its predecessor.

Interior wise song upgraded the Sony Playstation 4 Pro then the PS4,  The 8 Jaguar cores of the AMD processor are now clocked at 2.1GHz instead of 1.6GHz. RAM capacity remains the same with 8GB of GDDR5 but it is now running up to 218GB/s against 176GB/s for the standard PS4.

It gives 1TB of space which is 500 more gigabytes than the standard PS4 version. There is also a more powerful 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna, as well as a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver/transmitter.

As for the controller on the PS4 Pro, some changes were noted over the predecessor, though it still is, at its heart, a Dual Shock 4 controller. The touchpad has a light bar to tell you which player you are, and the buttons feel a lot lighter and more responsive.

The switch between Bluetooth and wired mode is also seamless in the controller.
The Performace of the PS4 is high enough that you have a 4K tv or you are going to play a VR game you will notice the difference on the other screens. The data transfer process from an earlier PS4 is easy, as all you need to do is hook them together with an Ethernet cable. It can, however, be a slow process.

Xbox One S – The Best Gaming Console for Multimedia

Microsoft Xbox One X – Best for Gaming addicts , ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Best Android Gaming Device, Nintendo Switch – Best Hybrid Gaming Console , Xbox One S – The Best Gaming Console for Multimedia ,Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – Best Overall, Best Gaming Console

The Xbox One S is an engineering work that wows everyone who gives it a try. It manages to put a powerful power supply and a 2TB hard drive in a chassis that’s at most 40% as large as its predecessor, the Xbox One.

The only sad part is that we may never know just how Microsoft did it. It probably features a lot to try to to with rearranging the parts on the within and making for better airflow therefore the entire console is more densely packed but also more efficiently cooled.

it’d also include employing Santa’s elves, and a touch of magic.
The console also has a stimulating overhaul over its predecessor in terms of the outside design. Physical buttons have replaced capacitive for turning the console on and ejecting game discs, and therefore the USB 3.0 ports are moved to the front face of the console.

Unfortunately, the Kinect port from its predecessor is conspicuously missing – you’ll get to buy a separate adapter if you would like to use Kinect.
The console is generally only sold in white, so you don’t get much variety there. So initially blush, there aren’t many style options. However, they are doing have special edition consoles in several color schemes that coincide with game releases.
You can even have a third party skin installed on your Xbox, and controllers are often customized through Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab program.

Microsoft said that the chip on the Xbox One S is that the same as that of the Xbox One that preceded it. However, the disk drive is Ultra HD Blu-ray capable of 4K and HDR.

The Xbox One S does alright with Ultra HD televisions, though we wouldn’t put it on an equivalent level because of the PS4 Pro. it’s capable of 4K resolution, either upscaling games for you or offloading that task to your television.

It also loads content much faster, even at the upper resolution, than the Xbox One, which was slower despite handling standard resolutions.
If you employ your gaming console to stream apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and YouTube, then you’ll be happy to understand that every one of those apps features a 4K version running on the Xbox One S.

When it involves games, they appeared a whole lot higher than they do at the Xbox One, despite the fact that they’re best upscaled at the One S. This console will run your favored titles smoothly, making sure an extraordinary experience. Something thrilling to note, however, is that Microsoft does now no longer have the desire to make any exclusives for the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S controller appears nearly precisely similar to the Xbox One controller. However, it natively helps Bluetooth and is the primary Microsoft controller to have this support. That approach you could use it now no longer best for your console however for your PC as well.

The One S controller additionally has a textured grip, which makes it greater snug to keep for lengthy stretches, not like the controller to the Xbox One.
It additionally has a greater effective wi-fi antenna that makes it feasible to take a seat down farther far from the tv than you can from the Xbox One.
It comes in lots of distinct color variations, in addition to in a few definitely cool restrained designs like the Cyberpunk 2077 edition.

Older Xbox One controllers may even paintings in this console, which is extraordinary for folks that are used to them. The best factor I could have favored in this new controller is rechargeable batteries.

Nintendo Switch – Best Hybrid Gaming Console

Take a glance at the Nintendo Switch and you’ll understand it’s attempting to try to several things at a similar time. Nintendo is trying to do one thing unique, very similar to what they need to be done before. once all, these are the same guys that brought America 3D while not 3D glasses on the Nintendo 3DS, motion-controlled gambling on the Wii, and currently a hybrid console on the Switch.

Understandably, after you started out to trailblaze like that, expectations and risks are planning to be terribly high. However, the Nintendo Switch definitely found its target and over the years the sales have taken a big uptake.

When you buy the Nintendo Switch package, you’ll find:

  • a console
  • Two Joy-Con controllers that are detachable
  • A grip that permits you to mix them into one gamepad for play on the TV
  • Two straps for turning the Joy-Cons into individual controllers
  • A dock that you’ll be able to use to attach your console to the tv for ancient gameplay

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Those are a {great deal} of accessories, and that they all accompany great quality construction and ergonomics. the complete setup isn’t solely novel, however, conjointly includes a great cool factor.

The hand-held mode, with its analog controls, are some things just like the PlayStation Vita. The screen resolution is far better, though, at 720p. In fact, it’s the most effective screen resolution I’ve seen on a hand-held console yet.

The Joy-Cons themselves have Associate in a Nursing} ton of practicality designed into them. the correct hand has the A, B, X, and Y buttons that Nintendo has used since its SNES days and a rather awkwardly placed analog stick. There’s conjointly a begin button that’s formed sort of a plus.

On the left, we’ve got a minus button that’s the choose button, a share button for taking screengrabs, an analog stick, a d-pad, and a couple of shoulder buttons.
The console mode needs to arrive at the console so as to connect it to your TV.

The console truly will the viewing transfer rather seamlessly from the hand-held screen to the tv screen while not even need you to pause your game.
The Nintendo controllers themselves are jacks of all trades. they need countless completely different configurations, although they’re not all the foremost comfortable. My greatest niggle with these was the rather awkwardly placed right analog stick, that wants some finger acrobatics to work effectively.

The library on the Switch, comparable in size and recognition to those of the PlayStation and Xbox, remains growing each year. In fact, compared to what Nintendo has offered for previous consoles, it’s most likely the foremost diverse.
You get nice exclusives like Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Odyssey, or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, furthermore as great indie titles, like Stardew Valley

A major downside of the Switch is that it isn’t nearly as powerful as either the Xbox or the PlayStation. It positively won’t support 4K game playing. the hand-held can provide you with 720p whereas connecting it to the TV will give you a gamma-hydroxybutyrate resolution of 1080p.

However, this can be ok if you’re not notably trying to find the newest visual specs on the market.

Another drawback with the Switch is that there aren’t that a lot of third party titles on the market for it. Sure, it has The Witcher three Wild Hunt and Doom, among others, however, the bulk of those are available on the opposite platforms for a short time already.

In terms of VR, there’s the Nintendo Labo, but it’s a lot of cardboard peripheral than a fully-fledged VR headset.

Overall, the Switch may be a nice console for movability associate degreed versatility, and conjointly if you don’t fully want power or the newest choice of the foremost fashionable games. If you’re snug with Nintendo exclusives and Indie games, then this could be an okay console for you.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Best Android Gaming Device

Microsoft Xbox One X – Best for Gaming addicts , ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Best Android Gaming Device, Nintendo Switch – Best Hybrid Gaming Console , Xbox One S – The Best Gaming Console for Multimedia ,Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – Best Overall, Best Gaming Console

That’s right; This a phone that’s also a vice console. the {worth} is within the specs, just like the proven fact that the ROG a pair of comes with associate octa-core Qualcomm flower 855 and processor. Ultimately, it can reach up to merely keep of three gigacycle per second process power, which means this phone can play therefore games higher than even some mid-level gaming rigs on a budget!

But there’s ample different hardware that creates this gaming phone worth your time. For instance, it comes with a large twelve gigs of LPDDR4X RAM packed into a chassis so tiny that it can still slot in most pockets. All that RAM ensures quick response times and speedy loading of recent games.

The enclosed one TB of storage suggests that able to} have multiple games put in at an equivalent time, too.

Add to any or all that a 6.6-inch show capable of protruding at 2340×1080 resolution at one hundred twenty Hz, and you’ve got an excellent piece of vice hardware on your hands. It even options a 1 ms response time, therefore you’ll be able to play competitively in several of your favorite games while not suffering compared to those on ancient consoles.

We additionally like that you simply can play a excess of top-tier titles on this gaming phone. Over one hundred games are offered at one hundred twenty FPS, as well as many trendy classics like Minecraft, Temple Run a pair of, and more.

It’s a bit unfortunate that several battle royale titles, resembling Fortnite, are bolted to sixty FPS, so that they can’t profit of all that this phone needs to offer.

As a chunk of vice hardware, the ROG 2 options several vents to stay the inside cool because the hardware works to deliver an exceptional visual experience. A 6000 mAh battery provides enough juice for about two days’ price of use before you wish to recharge, even once you think about the one hundred twenty cycles per second refresh rate.

Recharging this vice phone is pretty straightforward because of the aspect charging slot, and there’s a further USB-C charging port on the bottom, aboard an earphone jack. different ports embrace a twin nano-SIM card slot, and volume and power buttons on the right-hand side of the device. It’s ultimately a reasonably easy phone to use.

Furthermore, the ROG a pair of comes with a sturdy “aero” case which will improve chilling while not compromising the general integrity of the device. Since it comes with the purchase, you don’t have to be compelled to waste time reading a passionate case once the fact.

Even with all the superb vice-focused features, this comes with a reasonably solid twin camera as well. The camera can take forty eight or twenty four MP photos reckoning on whether or not you utilize the rear or front lenses, and it’s compatible with most GSM networks, as well as many staples like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and a lot of.

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All in all, the ROG a pair of is basically a tiny low gaming computer you’ll be able to detain your pocket for quite a hefty asking price. If you can abdomen the cost, it’s an excellent thanks to relishing more mobile gaming expertise while not sacrificing graphics or process quality too much.

Microsoft Xbox One X – Best for Gaming addicts

The Xbox One X is all regarding power. If you actually wish the leading edge of power in terms of recreation consoles presently on the market, then it’s onerous to outdo the One X. in fact it’ll be outdone by Microsoft’s new Series X slated for later this year, except for currently, the One X remains the king.

The real win for the Xbox One X is simply what proportion raw power it packs. It comes with an Associate in Nursing 8-core C.P.U. clocked at 2.3GHz with a 12GB GDDR5 RAM chip. It conjointly offers vi teraflops of GPU power via a 1172MHz (clocked speed) GPU.

This is a few serious computing power for a recreation console, and it’s all permanently reason, since it’s all to modify native 4K HDR gaming. the sole fail within the hardware department is that the HDD, that is fastened at 1TB of storage space. 4K games are large, then the HDD features a tendency to stock up pretty quickly.

Because of its huge power, the Xbox One X performs terribly well. All the games look method better, whether or not they’re 4K or only 1080p.

In fact, for 1080p games, the Xbox One X will supersample to boost the images. Supersampling works by forcing the sport to render in 4K as if it were connected to a 4K television, resulting in regarding 4 times the number of detail as you’d get at a 1080p resolution.

Now, of course, this knowledge can’t all be displayed on a 1080p screen, however the detail can still be richer than it’d otherwise have been.

As a result, pictures look slicker and fewer jagged. Not everybody will appreciate this feature, but people that very care about quality will love it.

The full power of the Xbox One X is unleashed on a 4K HDR screen, wherever you’ll see the output from native 4K HDR games in its full glory.

The Xbox One X conjointly improves frame rates. Even the simplest consoles struggle to hit 60fps and infrequently change posture to fifty-five or lower. The Xbox One X features a heap fewer of these drops, giving a lot of consistent frame rate overall.

In terms of design, the One X is comparable to the One S. In fact, I might say the sole distinction between the 2 is the color theme and also the positioning of the disc tray. Another difference between the disc trays, tho’ this one isn’t a visible difference, is that the disc receptacle on the One X will play 4K Blu-ray discs.


And therewith we have a tendency to come back to the tip of our review. whether or not you’re obtaining the best gaming console for yourself or for somebody else; whether you deeply get pleasure from diversion or you’re simply searching for one thing to assist you to forbid ennui whereas you’re at home, the solid consoles during this review ought to keep you and yours extremely pleased for an extended time.

No matter what your tastes, I’m pretty positive you’ll find something here that works well for you, and I’m assured you’ll enjoy it. till next time, have fun!

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