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Loan Tech Investment – Scam or Legit?

loan tech investment

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about LoanTech, we introduced the program’s investment plan ( loan tech investment ) in the following way:

The investment plan has a number of interesting features. First of all, it is a “perpetual” investment plan, which means that you make an investment once and that you will receive an interest return forever. Second, the plan has an option whereby you can withdraw up to 34% of your deposit after 22 days. This has the effect of enabling you to break even at that time — significantly more quickly than will happen if you do not utilize this option. Of course, since you’ve withdrawn a third of your deposit, your daily interest return will be cut by one third at that time — although it still will continue forever. I have not seen this option before in any other investment plan.

This is actually a fairly thorough description of the investment plan. However, we didn’t mention is that the investment limits range from $10 all the way up to $10,000. It looks like we also didn’t mention that the daily interest that the plan pays you is 3%.

Analysis of the LoanTech Investment Plan.

OK, now the interesting part of things…

If you divide 100% by the 3% daily return, you get that the investment plan will break even in 34 days. No surprise there. Next, let’s take a closer look at this idea of withdrawing 34% of your deposit after 22 days. In 22 days, you will have recovered a total of 66% (3 x 22) of your deposit. So, you would still have 34% (100–66) of your investment to recover before you will break even. Typically, for a “perpetual” investment plan such as this, the investor is not permitted to withdraw his deposit. LoanTech permits you to withdraw up to 34% of your deposit after 22 days. So, you can see that, if you do this, you will have recovered your entire deposit and will have broken even; you will have broken even in only 22 days rather than 34. This is a nice feature of the program and will enable the nervous investor to sleep a little bit easier as he will have recovered his entire investment 12 days sooner than is usually the case. The downside of this is that you now have only 66% of your original deposit working for you. I must emphasize that this is an optional procedure. If the investor has confidence that LoanTech will be in business for the full 34 days, he might prefer to leave his entire deposit in place so that he gets full benefit from it for the theoretical “perpetual” length of the investment plan. As we indicated in the First Thoughts article, this is a very unusual feature of the LoanTech investment plan that we haven’t seen anywhere else before.

OK, enough about breakeven points. Now we’ll discuss the average daily net interest (DNI) that you can expect to receive from this investment plan. DNI is simply the total net interest that you will receive over the life of the investment plan divided by the number of days in the plan. Well, there is an obvious problem here because, for a “perpetual” investment plan, we don’t have any idea how long the plan will be. It will boil down to the plan being as long as the overall program survives online. So, the best that we can do is assume a number of different lifetimes for the program and determine the DNI for each of them. We’ll do this for assumed lifetimes of 60, 120, 180, and 360 days.

For an assumed lifetime of 60 days, the total GROSS interest that you will receive will be 3% times 60 days or 180%. Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% to get the total NET interest that you will receive, or 80%. Averaging this out over the assumed 60-day length of the pan by dividing by 60, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 1.33%. If you repeat these calculations for the other assumed lifetimes for the plan, you will get the following results:

An assumed lifetime of plan DNI

60 days 1.33%
120 days 2.17%
180 days 2.44%
360 days 2.72%

What happens is that, the longer the program survives, the higher your average daily net profit becomes. Ultimately, DNI will home in on the 3% daily return; it can never get higher than that. All this should make sense because, after you break even in 34 days, everything that you earn after that is “pure profit.”

I don’t think we will extend this analysis to the situation where a person withdraws 34% of his deposit after 22 days. However, in Part 2 of our review of the LoanTech investment plan, we will work on a numerical example that will explain exactly what happens in this situation. Please stay tuned. Part 2 will be in print in a few days.

LoanTech a Legit or a Scam?

hello guys welcome to slow reviews it’s high time we talk about loan tech investment so this is a website that claims to invest people’s money they give once you invest with them they give you five percent return on investment daily.

You can see on the home page let me try to load it okay it says now there’s this slideshow that says that you get 30 forever so if you invest with this guy let’s say you are investing with a thousand dollars you are getting three percent of that thousand dollars for as long as you stay on this website now how true is the claim and it is legitimate or it’s kind of scary sketchy now let’s go into the review info first is getting three percent fast as long as you stay on this site doesn’t sound really possible now in the comment section you are going to see people that will say they’ve done this before for a long time and they actually got the three percent for as long as they are still on the website but this is not going to work for everybody okay one once if you get three percent daily for a whole month that is 90.

loan tech investment

90 percent of your capital monthly and that is very impossible that’s not what that does not how they are going to get that kind of huge return for you and if they are invested into bitcoin forex or whichever markets they claim to invest into that’s not how you are going to get 90 percent of your invested capital in your mode so let’s say you invest a million error so in a month with this guy you’re going to get 1.9 million okay 900 000 as your return on investment and, you should know this is pretty bad so if you check this chart right here if it says lend 1000.

so let’s say you lend 1000 to someone uh you get for 24 days i just for 22 days you get 650 dollars in return okay your daily return is 30 okay that is three percent of the amount you lend out now there’s no one on earth that will be agreed to pay three percent on a loan daily now if they say this is possible then i have an option to loan money from this site that’s where they are going to pay three percent so i’m going to do a simple calculation before i call this a wrap so i have a word document right here that contains some stuff i’ve written about this program it says three daily three percent daily forever the second one is 34 after 22 days so this i said after you have invested for 22 days with them and you’re getting 30 percent back on every day for the 22 days then at the end of the 20 days will be on the 22nd 21st day you can you can apply for a loan on this site .

You can get up to 34 percent of your capital there’s a four percent of your capital you can get it back as long after 22 days now let’s do a simple calculation if you’re getting three percent daily for 22 days less how many percentages of investments you’ve gotten back lets if you’re getting three percent that’s three divided by hundred okay they’ll multiply by 22. okay that’s 66 so for 22 days you’ve gotten 66 percent of your invested capital from these guys okay you’ve gotten it back now you have 34 percent left to make it 100 right 34 percent so is the 34 percent that now is available for your loan you can see here 34 percent after 22 days after I might have gotten 66 percent of your investments then you can get 34 percent of the money as your loan so let’s say you invest hundred thousand on the era for successes they are getting three percent each would have gotten sixty-six thousand in our back so the remaining money you have with this site is like thirty-four thousand so that you on that twenty-second day you can get a loan of thirty-four thousand so it means that you haven’t gotten anything at all okay it’s still your money both the return on investment and the loan you’ve gotten is still your money.

That’s a hundred percent of your money and if you get these thirty four thousand as a loan then you repent three percent of its daily okay yeah pain 30 percent of the money i don’t know if it’s 30 of the 34 000 or another amount so you have 23 percent daily now this kind of uh this kind of calculation are very wrong there’s no way they are going to stand the test of time so if you are going to invest into this make sure you do proper research before you put your money into a system like this okay so if they will give a referral commission invite active member commission is 10 to 20 percent okay invite invested active member to you get 10 to 20 percent so they have a referral commission on all of that now where are they getting the money to pay for the commission and all of that now what they will tell you is they have put a loan from them and they pay three percent daily there’s no one else there that will loan and pay three percent daily .

because you still pay back the capita so why would you pay three percent daily so you guys must look into that before you consider going into this website let’s see if we can contact them so this is their contact us page so as you can see they only have an email and an address okay nothing else email an address and this box right here where you can feel your message you can’t contact them and you don’t know who is behind this platform so this is one of the reasons why you must consider it carefully before you invest into it and if you are going to invest that up Charles whereas possible as much as possible to invest with your spare cash.

So I ran the name or the URL of this site on scam advisor and I saw some things about it okay it has 63 reviews so okay that is good but it is that this set has been reported that is camp by scam alas global okay a site is called scam alas globe and has reported this website right here as can consider the trust call is one percent so this is what scam advisor has to say that these guys have come now if you are checking some comments as you say do not get camped in the comment section you’ll see some people saying that it’s true and all of that now these guys you can’t really trust their sense of judgment maybe they are the comment is orchestrated or it’s by the admin of the decision question she really can’t take them for their word and invest based on the idea all the judgment they pass and they’re having people that I don’t even know from adam so you must be very careful why doing this kind of investment you can see all of the negative highlights.

loan tech investment

you can see this one of the bad things they do once they sign up they want to create a site like this for the investment they hide their details and once they hide their details there’s nothing you can get about there and they have nothing to lose at the end of the day they said they are from England or thereabouts but the address here says that they use the PO box from Panama and that is a very bad, uh that’s a red flag that you need you really need to be careful about so this is my review so far about loan tech so to capital loan tech investment is very it’s very risky you create a high-risk investment if you want to invest into it make sure that you use your spare cash.

so that will affect your standard of living or affect you emotionally if you end up losing your money on this site.

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